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Winning margin through information.

Successful decisions often depend on the access to up-to-date information about the real estate market. This is why we are collecting information in order to be able to make profitable decisions in your case.

In view of the ever growing quantity of information, the research department stays on top of the things, makes tendencies visible, examines the various sections and has access to the data and facts that may be beneficial for your daily business.

In doing so, we are able to provide optimal advice based on research customised to your needs.


We act to assist you.

This department provides consultancy for owners with respect to all kinds of questions on their properties.

We optimise, buy or sell your properties – e.g. housing estates, multi-family houses, industrial buildings, hotel complexes, condominiums etc. In doing so, we have made real-time our top priority.

Our consulting services include the evaluation of real estate, negotiations with mortgage creditors and debt arrangements. On demand, we also establish reorganisation concepts and offer you customised assistance in decision finding processes.

Value added is a matter of the right management.

understand. optimise. decide.

In a trustful dialogue, we provide you with the structures and figures you need for efficient real estate management and successful asset diversification.

Especially in view of complex economic conditions, it is of vital importance for you to rely on AMONT GmbH’s expertise.

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